Nurture in Nature

Nurture in Nature CIC was founded by Anne Garside in 2022 in response to local need and gaps in service identified from the many requests we received for support from both families and professionals alike. We were asked to create a service to provide skilled advice and interventions to empower children and families with complex needs, trauma and neurodiversity, set in the heart of nature. The CIC has worked in consultation to create a range of services and offers to meet those requests. We are committed to our model of consulting with and working in partnership with children, families, communities and professionals as we continue to develop our services.

Nurture in Nature Wellbeing was established in 2021, providing experiences for adults. Profits from this business funded the setting up of Nurture in Nature Children and Families Community Interest Company.

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Anne Garside

Anne has over 30 years’ experience of working directly with children and adults in education, community justice and health and social care sectors. She is an experienced manager and is skilled in the development of new services. Anne is committed to lifelong learning, she has degrees in social psychology and community justice, teaching and assessing qualifications and a level 5 qualification in leadership and management for health and social care for children and young peoples’ services.

Anne is the founder of Nurture in Nature. Having worked for local government services for over 30 years she felt passionate about creating a service to ensure children and families to receive the right support at the right time from caring, skilled and qualified practitioners. She is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where children can flourish and families can feel understood, heard and fully supported. Anne believes in working alongside and empowering individuals with coping skills and strategies from a range of trauma informed, mindfulness and family intervention techniques to make a difference to their lived experience. Her open, friendly and supportive style alongside her professional expertise and relational approach has earned the trust of children, families and professionals alike.

In addition to her mainstream qualifications and experience, Anne is a qualified to teach mindfulness to children and compassionate mindfulness to adults. Anne discovered the use of neuro scientific models and compassionate Mindfulness techniques invaluable for developing skills and strategies to support her own lived experiences, she found them both helpful and empowering so much so she trained to share them with others. She has combined knowledge from her training, professional experience and her own life’s journey with feedback from consultation with the children and families seeking support to create Nurture in Nature.

Anne is passionate developing the services we offer with in consultation with our children, families and partners. She is tireless in her ambition to make a difference and empowering children and families to reach their full potential.

Meet the Team

Anne is grateful to have found the most amazing team of staff who bring with them a variety of professional skills and experiences to support the needs of the children, families and communities they engage with. The whole team are passionate about empowering children and families to reach their full potential, whilst supporting them to develop the skills, strategies and techniques to achieve their goals. Meet the team:

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Sue David

Sue is a qualified in both General and Psychiatric nursing alongside operational and business management. When she realised working with neurodiverse children, adolescents and families was her passion, she immersed herself in a new career. Sue initially worked for the National Autistic Society, then she became the lead nurse for the Learning Disability and ASD assessment team in CAMH’s. Her role included ASD assessment as part of the team alongside providing direct intervention and support. Sue is a forest school ranger and loves bringing nature into her work with children and families.

On a personal level Sue has two grandsons who have an ASD diagnosis and as she put it “ I have experience of neurodiversity from both sides of the fence”. Sue believes the earlier intervention is available for children and families the sooner they can begin to realise their potential as individuals as well as members of a family and the wider community. She is passionate about empowering and enabling children and families to access the best support and building their knowledge and understanding.

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Adam Garside

Adam is known as the team’s gentle giant. He is a positive male role model, demonstrating gentleness and kindness with clear boundaries and expectations which has proven to be an excellent combination for many of the boys we work with. He has over 20 years’ experience supporting children and adults with learning disabilities, neurodiversity and additional needs. Adam is particularly skilled in supporting complex needs and managing challenging behaviours. He is also the teams “Mr Fix it” he undertakes all of the site development and management often engaging the children in the building, fixing and maintenance.

He is passionate about supporting children with trauma and neurodiversity to achieve their highest potential and develop social skills they can use to navigate life in an often-confusing world.

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Ann Martin

Ann is one of Nurture in Natures four directors, who were responsible for developing the service. She supports the team in on a voluntary basis to keep our financial records ship shape. She has 30 years’ experience working for local government front line finance teams, supporting social care teams including; adults, mainstream children and children with special needs, the last 15 years being here in North Devon predominantly focussed on children with special needs.

Ann is experienced in quality assuring financial assessments to ensure accurate charging. She is a whizz at keeping our income / expenditure records in good order and ensuing we source the best value for money when purchasing items for the CIC to ensure best use of grant funding we receive.

Ann is passionate about the work Nurture in Nature does with the children and families and follows our progress with enthusiasm. She encourages and supports the team and has been a value member of our interview panel. We feel privileged to have Ann’s commitment to our work especially given that she contributes her time on a voluntary basis, enabling more direct work to be undertaken with children and families.

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Claire Costello

Claire is our creative craft expert. She has over 20 years’ experience volunteering and working with children and young people for Girlguiding UK and her local community. Claire has a passion for all things arts and crafts and loves to share her ideas and experience with others. She is skilled in supporting the children to release their emotions whilst immersing themselves in creative and sensory activities that allows them to be expressive while developing their own unique style.

Claire also works alongside parents at our family sessions to use craft as an escape from the complexities at home, bringing in an element of relaxation and mindfulness to the activities.

Claire has had a career in healthcare and worked for the NHS for over 20 years until recently changing roles to support both children and adults with learning disabilities and neurodiversity. She has a relaxed can-do approach and inspires confidence building through creativity.s

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Gail Lewis

Gail has over 30 years’ experience in childcare. She started her journey in early years, where she managed and owned a pre-school which gained an outstanding grade from Ofsted in all 14 areas of learning. The pre-school also held a key- practitioner status in Inclusion from the local authority. Gail was the safeguard lead & a accredited SENCO, supporting children with disabilities, neurodiversity & additional needs.

Gail has a passion for learning and teaching She has a degree in Early years and a Masters degree in Education. She was also an Early Year’s lecturer for the local university in Suffolk & a tutor for the local authority.

Gail’s Passion for supporting children & families led her to work in Children’s Centre’s where she studied to gain a postgraduate certificate in Integrated Centre Leadership (NPQICL) & a postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Therapies Practice (Children, Young People & Families). She has supported many families over the years with an open and honest approach with a real focus on inclusion. She is excited to be able to continue this work with Nurture in Nature.

Gail has a qualification in Forest schools and she feels that the outdoor environment can give children the space and freedom to be themselves, a place they can learn and flourish in their own time and at their own pace. Gail is highly skilled in supporting children who have difficulty moderating emotions and behaviours providing them with time, patience and skills to support them to thrive. Gail believes that early Intervention gives children & families the best possible start to unlock their potential to be the best they can be.