Children & Families


We Encourage & Support Children & Families

It is our vision to support children, families and communities to become happier, healthier and more resilient. Our aim is to provide a range of services that can stand alone or be combined to create bespoke packages to meet the needs of children and their families. As each child and family is unique, so too is our offer. We are flexible in our approach using restorative, evidenced based and solution focused interventions. We encourage and support children and families to build on their strengths and learn new skills to achieve sustainable, successful outcomes.

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Our support packages can operate as standalone interventions or to compliment interventions as part of a team around the family process. With a focus on communication and interaction, neuroscience, and mindfulness using a range of neurodiversity proven interventions, we have a variety of tools and resources along with highly experienced team members to create bespoke, effective packages. We provide comprehensive reports and observations to evidence the impact and the outcomes. These reports can also be used as evidence for EHCP applications, assessment including diagnosis pathways, support with SPA referrals, family assessments.

As each child and family is unique, so too is our offer

Our Areas Of Expertese

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Family Support

We work with families to develop generic parenting techniques, support them to create organisation in the family home and help them to build support networks through access to services / support groups to develop resilience. Often families need advocacy or hand holding following difficult life circumstances to rebuild and move forward. We signpost to additional services and support families to make the first steps to becoming organised, confident, and independent.

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Neurodiversity Support

We support families to understand and manage complex behaviours resulting from neurodivergent needs which impact family dynamics. We offer observation and support in a variety of settings advising families and professionals on strategies and techniques that can be incorporated as part of a plan. We empower families to understand and manage behaviours with practical techniques and skills for areas of difficulty for example transitions, emotional regulation, managing children with different needs and balancing this with family life.

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SEND / Emotional Regulation / Wellbeing

We support families who struggle with SEND, emotional regulation, anxiety, trauma related behaviours, low level mental health and wellbeing needs. We teach practical skills to empower individuals to build confidence, develop coping strategies, build relationships, and self-esteem. Strategies are shared with parents and professionals to enable continuity of support.

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Children accessing education

Our focus is to identify why children are struggling to fully access their education. We work with them, their families and education providers to understand and overcome the barriers they face. They may have difficulties with anxiety, relationships, the impact of home circumstances or regulating their emotions, often resulting in school refusal or challenging behaviours. We support children who find it difficult to cope in mainstream settings, including those at risk of exclusion. Following observations and assessment, we teach them skills and strategies to cope and regulate. We share techniques that can be used between home and school to enable a joined-up approach to support the child. We will work with the child at home, their educational setting, in the community and in group situations. We believe that understanding the child in a variety of social contexts is vital in formulating a plan to overcome their barriers enabling them to fully access their education.

We empower families to understand and manage behaviours with practical techniques 

Support Options

Our intervention packages can focus on one area of our expertise or utilise a combination of them, to create a bespoke package tailored to meet the specific needs of the children and families we work with.

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Support Options include:

Sessions at the family home. Including sessions with parents/carers or with the whole family.

1:1 sessions, with children in the home and in the community.

Kids Club, to enable children to engage and interact in group sessions, build confidence, develop friendships and relational skills. These sessions provide evidence of children’s social interaction and interpersonal skills.

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School attendance. We will accompany the child to observe how they interact and cope with the educational setting.

Family fun sessions. These provide an opportunity for the family to have fun and interact together with the support of professionals.  Modelling and positive parenting methods are used throughout.

Advocacy, and attendance at meetings to support families to engage fully with Team Around the Family or assessment processes.