Wellbeing Classes

Wellbeing classes

Monday evenings at Northam Hall 6.30pm

The Restorative Wellbeing Programme

This class combines Pilates and yoga restorative movement, mindfulness and meditation. It is suitable for those who want to work very gently, focus on relaxation, and restoring wellbeing.

Tuesday evenings at Bideford College 6.15pm

The Wellbeing Programme

This is a holistic class using key strengths from several disciplines. Yoga, Pilates and Alexander Technique. We use routines with flowing movements to improve balance, core and joint strength, flexibility and posture. Muscle toning sequences using own body resistance to tone the body and create inch loss. Thai flow to improve balance and flow of energy through the body. Mindfulness and Meditation to reduce stress and create a sense calmness & relaxation.

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